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We have been providing Property Inventory Reports to leading letting agents and landlords since 2001. We have successfully established our company from listening to the requirements of Letting Agents, Landlords and the expectations of Tenants to ensure all parties comprehend and understand our inventory reports.

Why use Hinch Property Management for Property Inventory Services?

Online Booking

Click here to book a Property Inventory, Check In or Check Out online with our easy-to-use form.

Email Confirmation

With all inventory booking requests, you will receive an email confirmation to clarify appointment times.

Working Hours

Our office is open Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm, Saturday 9am-4pm. Call 0207 9899128.


You are just an email away from booking your property inspections - we are always here to help during busy rental periods.


Hinch PM will endeavor to accommodate all booking requests, including ‘last minute’, with over 30 fully trained inventory clerks across London and the South East.

Competitive Pricing

Hinch Property Management offers competitive prices across the industry for all our work.

Meter Readings

We will include meter readings for the beginning and end of tenancies in our reports from accessible meters.

48 Hour Turnaround

All inventory reports will be sent to you within 2 working days after the job is completed, enabling swift document receipts for tenants and landlords.

Customer Service

We have a dedicated and experienced customer service team, with extensive training on the TDS Academy course, to handle all queries.


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What is a Property Inventory?
A property inventory is a fair and accurate description of any property at the time of inspection. It should cover all areas including the front and rear garden, garages, outhouses and sheds as well as all of the internal rooms, furnishings and the condition.
So can’t I just do the Property Inventory myself?
Well yes, you could do it yourself, however, it is NOT advisable. Landlord and tenant inventory reports tend to be biased towards one party and are therefore not recognised as a fair document should the deposit end up and the TD. Also, items tend to be missed out from landlord or tenant inventory reports as the person doing them does not always know what to look for, our property inventory clerks undergo a strict training schedule to make sure they are fully prepared for any eventuality!
I can do that, so why use Hinch Property Management?
There are a number of reasons why you should use Hinch Property Management Inventory Services. We have been in the industry since 2002, successfully building relationships with letting agents and landlords, adapting our report style to fit everyone’s requirements. We are unbiased and independent, qualities we pride ourselves on. Landlords return to us time and time again as they feel secure in the knowledge of a service that ensures their property has been reported to a market level of satisfaction. Along with the experience within the industry, we provide ‘the complete package’, our office is manned between 8:30am and 5pm during the weekdays and 9am to 4pm at the weekends this means that there is always someone on hand should you ever have any problems. All you have to do to book our property inventory services is email 
What does my money pay for?
Once you have emailed the booking to us, you will receive notification that the job is booked in. On the day of the confirmed booking, a Hinch Property Management Inventory Clerk will attend the property and carry out the report. If it is a property inventory, we will use a Dictaphone to record the information we need. If it is a check in or check out we will use a report we have, either our own or one by another company and make notes accordingly. Photographs are also taken as a standard to show cleanliness and condition of the property and its contents. At check in’s and check out’s we also complete the signed declaration, the inventory report is then typed up and sent to you.
What is a Signed Declaration?
At check ins and check outs we also obtain a signature from the tenants to show that they have received the keys and that they agree on the overall condition of the property at the time we attended. Meter readings are also taken at this point so you can advise the utility companies accordingly.
Do I have to be there?
No. We can collect the keys from you, the tenant or the managing agent and return them if necessary. We are also happy to sign keys over to tenants or sign keys back into us.
What if I need to cancel or move the appointment?
It’s not a problem, just give us as much notice as possible. We won't charge you for moving or cancelling a job as long as our clerk is not already there or on their way (In most situations this mean you can cancel a booking around 2-3 hours before a booking takes place). If our clerk is already at the property or on their way to the property then there will be a charge, which simply covers their costs for time and petrol.
When will I get my report?
Reports are sent out via email within 48 working hours of completing the report, we understand that in Lettings often there is a quick turnaround time and the last thing anyone wants is to be held up waiting for the report!
How do I pay?
Payments can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Unless you have an account with us, payment must be made and cleared before we attend the property. Please contact us for our bank details. Please make sure that you use the invoice number as your reference number so that we can allocate your payment correctly.
What if I need to talk to someone about the report?
There will always be someone available at Hinch Property Management Inventory Services should you need to talk anything through. You are also welcome to pass on our details to landlords/tenants or managing agents if necessary. We can be contacted by telephone on 0207 989 9128 or by email at
If I have cause for complaint who do I speak to?
Should an issue arise, please put it in writing to, we will respond to you within 1 working day to try to solve the problem or issue. If you want to make any comments about the report these must be received within 14 days in writing.
What areas do you cover?
With a pool of over 30 Property Inventory Clerks, we are able to cover the following areas:
Berkshire Inventory Services,
Bedfordshire Inventory Services,
Buckinghamshire Inventory Services,
Hertfordshire Inventory Services,
Surrey Inventory Services,
London Inventory Services,
Middlesex Inventory Services,
Oxfordshire Inventory Services

If the area you are looking for is not mentioned above, please contact us with your requirements as usually we are able to accommodate the vast majority of bookings.
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Meet our team

Mike Hinch
My early career was in a corporate Sales and Marketing capacity. I then invested in residential property, and as a new landlord was presented with a property inventory - which was in a disjointed layout and had endless acronyms. This inspired me to compile a thorough, clear inventory report, which incidentally the letting agent was impressed with and requested for me to compile more of their property inventories, and hence, Hinch Property Management was founded. Since then the company has expanded and grown from strength to strength, and Hinch Property Management has become one of the most established and trusted names in Property Inventory Services.

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